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,Satipañña Insight Meditation Toronto (SIMT) is a community dedicated to the Buddha’s Dharma of Liberation. Anyone who sincerely wishes to discover the significance of the Buddha’s teachings, and to deepen their practice, is welcome.


Mindfulness and Wisdom

Satipañña (pronounced sa-tee-pahn-ya) is made up of two words in Pali, the language of the earliest Buddhist texts. Sati is usually translated as “mindfulness”; pañña means “wisdom.” So our name means “mindful wisdom” or “the wisdom of mindfulness.”

We practise Vipassana (Insight), Samatha (calmness, stillness), and Metta (goodwill) Meditation, as set out in the Buddha’s original teachings. This profound, brilliant, and penetrating methodology has led countless people to realize authentic freedom—“the heart’s sure release.”

We welcome everyone to participate in a safe and respectful meditation environment regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or age. To this end, all are encouraged to approach the teachers or board members with any requests for accommodation, or other concerns about well being during practice.

SIMT is a non-profit charitable community located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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